Thursday, August 25, 2011

Descent: Players Guide to Not Getting Killed

Alright, so when last we looked at the world of Descent we explained to the overlord not to outright kill you.  However, this does not always stick so here is your crash course in Dungeon Survival.

5. Balanced Party.  Right at character selection you want to make sure you have at least one of the three types of heroes: ranged, melee, and magic.  Now, the ranged guy can be replaced if you wish, the only reason to have one is they can use ranged skills better however I understand they have low damage...really low damage.

4. Line of Sight.  Here is where you try and make sure you can see far enough down nooks and crannies so the overlord does not overkill you with spawning.  You can't cover every hall and corner, but you can cover far enough that you will be able to move through the next rooms while the overlord moves his spawns very slowly towards you.

3.  TREASURE!  Yes, this is very important in the game, if you have an opportunity to buy treasures in town or trade out useless items for new one's, TAKE IT.  Nothing drives the monster back like a new shiny sword and magic spell.  Eventually with enough good equipment you won't care if the overlord spawns monsters because you can slaughter anything he throws at you.

2. Patience.  This is important for your survival and not getting trapped in a section of the dungeon.  DO NOT open doors at the end of a round, it will only allow the monsters to act first, give the overlord opportunity to spawn monster and trap you in, and it is just overall a bad plan of moving through a dungeon.  Not much else to say there, if you can wait a turn while all the monster are dead before opening a door things will do much smoother.

1. Party Cohesion.  This is where the strategy comes to fruition.  The best way to slay monsters is to talk to your party and make sure they understand what you are going to do, what they need to do, and the best order to go in to maximize success.  Every other strategy for Descent is pointless if you do not work together and make full use of your party members pros and avoid the cons.

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